Coaching Your Child To Reading Success.

Parent support with reading is here! was created to support parents in coaching their children to reading success.  

Activity videos are featured for 3 levels of reading support: PRE K & Kindergarten, At Risk Readers, and On Grade Level Readers. Activities are fun, quick, and easy.  All activities are aligned to common core standards.

Let’s Learn About Our System


Prek & Kindergarten

Activities are designed to provide young children practice in the beginning reading skills needed to become a reader.


At Risk

Activities are designed to provide struggling readers with practice in previously taught skills to improve their reading achievement.


On Grade Level

Activities are designed to provide on grade level readers with practice in advancing skills to meet the increasing demands of reading.

Now Let's Learn About Reading Skills


Phonological Awareness

It is the ability to hear individual sounds in words.
It is an oral language skill that does not involve print.



It is the ability to match individual sounds with their corresponding letters or letter patterns to read words.


Word Recognition

It is the ability to recognize irregularly spelled words on sight.

Now, let’s go to your child’s reading level