Pre K & Kindergarten

Activities in this section are designed to prepare pre k and kindergarten students in the foundational reading skills necessary to become readers. This section is also for students who are struggling in first grade and would benefit from additional support in these skills.

Each activity video includes an introduction, materials needed, and a demonstration of the activity. All activities are quick, easy, and fun to implement!

Phonological Awareness – Rhyming

Children need to hear and identify rhyming patterns such as /og/, /ake/, /at/, and /am/. In this activity, children match pictures that rhyme.

Phonological Awareness – Hearing Sounds in Words

Children need to understand that spoken words are made up of individual sounds. In this activity, children will identify the number of sounds heard in dictated words.

Phonological Awareness – Identifying Beginning Sounds

Children need to differentiate sounds heard in words.  In this activity, children will sort pictures and items according to their beginning sounds.

Phonological Awareness – Substitute, Add, and Delete Sounds

Children need to learn that sounds said in the correct order produce desired words. In this activity, children will gain practice in substituting, adding, and deleting sounds to produce different words.

Phonics – Alphabet and Word – Print Recognition

Children need to recognize and name the letters of the alphabet.  In this activity, children will identify the letters of their names and other familiar words.

Phonics – Identifying Initial Consonants

Children need to identify the sounds in words and match these sounds to the correct letter or letters to read words.  In this activity, children sort pictures cards and/or objects according to their initial consonants.

Phonics –  Blending Short Vowel Words

Children need to hear the sounds, match them to their letters, and blend the letters to make words.  In this activity, children will blend, make, and read short vowel words.

Phonics – Using Cues to Identify Word Picture Cards

Children need to acquire print awareness.  They need to understand that letters make words, words make sentences, and sentences tell something.  In this activity, children will identify words from clues given.

Word Recognition – Sound Letter Fluency

Children need to understand the relationship between sounds and letters to form words.  In this activity, children will practice identifying the sounds of letters in random order.

Vocabulary – Use Vocabulary to Categorize Pictures & Items

Children need to understand the meaning of words. In this activity, children will show how words are related. They will sort known pictures and objects into categories.

Fluency – Letter Recognition

Children need to learn to identify upper-and-lower case letters automatically. In this activity, children will rapidly recognize and name letters in random order.

Fluency – Read Sight Words & Simple CVC Words in Sentences

Children will need to recognize and read known sight words and consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) words.  In this activity, children will gain practice in reading these words in print.

Comprehension – Listening Comprehension

Children need to learn to concentrate on what they are hearing.  Listening comprehension is the ability to answer questions about what was heard.  In this activity, children will answer literal questions (who, what, where, or when) about events read to them.

Comprehension – Picture Predictions

Children need to learn how to make predictions.  Making predictions engages children in thinking about what has occurred and what will happen next.  In this activity, children will make predictions from picture clues.